G’Day Straya! (hello Australia)
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After a lengthy and sleepless flight, plus spending far too much time in Kuala Lumpur, we landed in the Gold Coast, and was greeted by a smiling and happy Amir, a friend of Lindsay’s family who had invited us to … Read More

Farewell Asia
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NORTH VIETNAM A rest at Phong Nha to visit Paradise Cave We had a well-deserved rest in Phong Nha, especially after completing our Strava February climbing challenge. We keep reading the life of a cycle tourist is slow and relaxed, … Read More

Vietnam: from coast to cave
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Hue to A Luoi We enjoyed a couple of superb, sunny days in Hue: catching up with an old friend, being guided through the morning hubbub at a local village market, buying our very own Vietnamese coffee filter (from a … Read More

Time for some climbs
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After settling in Nha Trang for a few days, we were ready to celebrate Tet: the most important and celebrated festival in Vietnam. You could feel the excitement building among the locals, and the streets were becoming more colourful with … Read More

Cà Phê and Colours
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Ha Tien to Chau Doc Our first day in Vietnam introduced us to bustling food markets, beautiful rivers and the challenges of recognising what’s on offer for dinner. During our street-food dining, we learned a valuable lesson: having been dished … Read More

Cambodia: The long dusty road
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Sisophon to Siem Reap After the excitement of entering a new country, our enthusiasm quickly deteriorated after the 50km, long, straight, dusty, dull road to Sisophon. However, today was a new day and we had over 100km to get to … Read More

A new year, a new country: to Cambodia
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Khao Lak to Khao Sok National Park Cycling away from Khao Lak after such a great Christmas wasn’t easy, but we knew we were in for a treat as we headed towards Khao Sok National Park. The roads wound around … Read More

Christmas at Khao Lak
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Back in the UK, Wilson and I live away from where we grew up; this means we are used to shuttling around over the Christmas period, where we hop from house to house trying to visit as many friends and … Read More

Back to the Land of Smiles
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Tamalang Pier to Thung Yao Today we couldn’t stop smiling. It started off a good day as we were leaving the Malaysian island of Langkawi (or what we now refer to as Skankawi) and we were heading back to Thailand. … Read More

Our visas are running out
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Surat Thani to Sichon – 80 km The weather on the island of Koh Pha Ngan was monsoon of a timid nature, with the presence of grey clouds and rain only lasting an hour at most. We were really pleased … Read More

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