Back to Europe
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Athens From the ferry port, we cycled into Athens – every brick wall, every fence, every building used as a canvas for graffiti. In the centre, Christmas lights and Christmas shoppers filled the streets. The city holds ruins steeped in … Read More

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Turkey Part 4 Murtici to Kadriye In the morning, we packed our bikes and went to say a huge thank you and goodbye to the owner. He couldn’t let us leave without a glass of hot, black tea. We swapped … Read More

From mountains to the Med
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Turkey Part 3 Goreme to Aksaray As we cycled out of Goreme National Park, we were still awed by the fairy chimney rock formations protruding out of the stone landscape. So much so, a thorn caused a puncture just so … Read More

Bread and balloons
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Turkey Part 2 Fatsa to a Lokanta Today we said goodbye to the Black Sea coast as we turned our wheels south, into the heart of Turkey. We thought we had a companion to join us on this adventure, when … Read More

The Black Sea and dark night
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Turkey Part 1 Batumi to Ardesen The storm over the Black Sea refused to leave. It lingered there like thick grey glue smeared across the sky. After sheltering from some fierce wind and torrential rain the day before, we decided … Read More

Georgia: Wine country
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  Lagodekhi to a vineyard (posh field) A new day and a new country; a lovely morning glow cast long shadows and we said goodbye to a friendly German Shepherd dog who was supposed to be guarding the Wine Cellar … Read More

Azerbaijan: Back to Europe?
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  Flying from Shymkent, Kazakhstan to Baku, Azerbaijan After some deliberation, we booked a flight to Azerbaijan over the Turkmenistan Karakum Desert to avoid cycling many days through the hot dusty desert sandscape only to wait on the shores of … Read More

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Osh (Kyrgyzstan) to Andijon (Uzbekistan) The currency exchange in Uzbekistan was on the cusp of a reform – going from a black market norm to the banks taking back control. In the midst of this confusion, we decided that spending … Read More

Kyrgyzstan: The hilly Stan
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Kyrgyzstan: One of the most beautiful places that you’ve never heard of From Kazakhstan into Kyrgyzstan After exchanging the last of our Kazakhstan money (tenge) into Kyrgyzstan som, we set off into the morning glow of the sunrise towards the … Read More

Cultural learnings of Kazakhstan
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Zharkent to Chundzha   We set off later than usual on our first full day in Kazakhstan, but for good reason. Breakfast included in the hotel price, so wont complain there then. Breakfast was a good start. Then we got … Read More

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