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Cycling the Danube
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Rapha #Festive500 We’ve had our rest day in Zagreb, after cycling the Balkans from Athens. On Christmas Eve it is the start of our penultimate leg in the journey home. It is also the start of the Rapha #Festive500. Whilst … Read More

Croatia: the bura blows
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Tivat (Montenegro) to Dubrovnik (Croatia) Today was our last day in Montenegro and for once, the morning was bright and clear. We cycled around the coast to a small car ferry where a short €1 trip took us to the … Read More

Albania & Montenegro
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Albania Sagiada beach (Greece) to Borsh (Albania) A short 7km stint took us into the hills to the border, which seemed in the middle of nowhere. If it wasn’t for the flags flapping around, we would have assumed the border … Read More

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Into Australian Capital Territory
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Sydney to Woolongong We did our best to stick to the cycle tracks to get us out of the city safely. The slightly disjointed nature of the cycle paths meant we were led to the back of industrial estates where … Read More

To Vivid Sydney
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Port Macquarie to Taree June, July and August form Australia’s winter, where the popular trend along the East coast is to migrate north to the warmth, where the tropical Northern Territory becomes bearable and the southern state of Victoria experiences … Read More

Gold Coast to cold coast
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Gold Coast to Lillifield Community Centre  Saying goodbye to our Australian home for the second time was harder, as this time we were leaving for a one-way trip to New South Wales and beyond – we can’t thank our Persian … Read More

Diving and Driving
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Standing on the balcony of an 8th floor apartment looking out over the brightly lit night scene of Cairns, beer in hand, cool breeze blowing, we felt a huge relieve and sense of achievement to have made it this far … Read More

The reef is calling and I must go
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Mackay to Bloomsbury I awakened Will with a breakfast fit for a King (King William of Cycles): almond muesli topped with chia seeds, apple pie, cheesecake and vanilla ice cream. We rode off happily along the Pioneer River and slowed … Read More

G’day Bruce
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Stayover at Tannum Sands With our heads down, cycling into the wind, we were on an incline just slight enough to dampen our speed, but just sneaky enough to start doubting our own fitness: is this even a hill or … Read More

G’Day Straya! (hello Australia)
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After a lengthy and sleepless flight, plus spending far too much time in Kuala Lumpur, we landed in the Gold Coast, and was greeted by a smiling and happy Amir, a friend of Lindsay’s family who had invited us to … Read More

Farewell Asia
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NORTH VIETNAM A rest at Phong Nha to visit Paradise Cave We had a well-deserved rest in Phong Nha, especially after completing our Strava February climbing challenge. We keep reading the life of a cycle tourist is slow and relaxed, … Read More

Vietnam: from coast to cave
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Hue to A Luoi We enjoyed a couple of superb, sunny days in Hue: catching up with an old friend, being guided through the morning hubbub at a local village market, buying our very own Vietnamese coffee filter (from a … Read More

Time for some climbs
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After settling in Nha Trang for a few days, we were ready to celebrate Tet: the most important and celebrated festival in Vietnam. You could feel the excitement building among the locals, and the streets were becoming more colourful with … Read More

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