Life is about stories

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As my birthday is shared with Christmas Day celebrations, I do get to enjoy a blissful ignorance of growing older, and the holiday festivities allow me to forget about it. Although I don’t consider myself old, at 26 years I find myself being more aware of life moving forward and time never stopping and waiting around. Sometimes, it feels like a conveyor belt…moving us towards the inevitable drop.


I am proud of the things I have accomplished so far, I’m happy and appreciate how lucky I am with life entirely. What I have come to realise is that if I don’t actively change the status quo, the ‘big plans’ I had when I was younger for my future self, which seemed so accessible and of-course-I’ll-do-this-when-I’m-older, will slowly drift into someone else’s story. I’m not sure I’ll be satisfied living vicariously.

If doing an ironman triathlon has taught me anything, it is that the greatest rewards come from the greatest challenges. What my wanderlust boyfriend has taught me is that, life is about stories: the good, the bad and the ugly. I guess he meant that if you’re still around to tell the story, everything probably turned out alright. If life is about stories, I’d like to be involved in as many stories as I can.

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